It was a sunny day when I was moving around at the Rohingya Camp of Moinar Guna,Palongkhali in Ukhiya. At this time most of the forest areas has been cut off for making refugee camps. The area is a bit hilly beside the sea shore so weather could be in any condition. I saw a smiling cute looking face, staring at me underneath a shade. He is just three years kid named Hasan and wore a red t-shirt. My camera couldn’t stop to click his smiley face rather I missed the moment. Because it’s really hard to find a happy face in these devastating situation of Rohinga Refugee camp. So I was moved for capturing certain happy faces. It was truly heartbreaking to see all these refugee people in the camp.

An ethnic minority group of people “Rohingya” is now a real crisis of our country. It is a story of misery, suffering, trauma, pain, magnitude and many other you may add. It is hard to believe and lookout these people in front of your eyes and hear their stories and captured in frame. I am fortunate to work with TIKA (Turkish cooperation and coordination agency) for a couple of days to serve cooked food to the Rohingya children in everyday lunch. It’s over twenty thousand; a huge number of hungry children are coming every day to collect the meal with their plates and pots. We have been instructed for a chaotic situation like this to handle all these children to serve in a controlled way.

According to UNICEF more than 340 thousand children have fled the violence in Myanmar over the past couple of months. They are now living in squalid conditions in refugee camps in Bangladesh. Among them 16,965 children are mostly affected by malnutrition. An estimated one in five children under the age of five is accurately malnourished. Many of the children are alone, starving, in need of medical attention and at risk of being captured and thrown into human trafficking. It was a catastrophic situation they have been facing all these days in Rakhine, the northern part of Burma.

I am showing you all a glimpse of Rohingya refugee children hoping for their better life. Presenting A photo story captured while I was moving around in these Refugee camps area.

Photography and Content by Homaed Ishaque Moon

(c)All Rights reserved

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Mohammad Hasan, only three years old, when I was looking at this innocent cheerful face I just remember my same aged nephew

It was extremely hot up of the hill and this baby was smiling that nothing had happened with them. He doesn’t know what is going on and what is his future?

After a long waiting under the sun hit the Rohingya children are get their chances to collect their lunch. They take this food to home and share with the members of the family

All the kids should be in a queue otherwise you will not get the food and these words using every day’s jingle for us in a native language. This girl is awaiting for her food in a queue with pleasure

These hungry children are awaiting for their lunch

Every day the food is served for the Refugee children and they get rice and Beef curry with dal

It was a Sunny day and the temperature was at a peak. This little kid can’t survive against hit, so their parent’s make him cool by rinsing him a bucket of water

A curious mind wants to know what is going on over here

This three months baby girl is sleeping without any hesitation underneath this shade

It was extremely hot weather and the sun burning outside. They are four members whom have arrived 20 days before in this camp.

Arafat came in the refugee camp with his parents and sibling’s one month ago. They are staying at Palongkhali refugee camp of Ukhiya, Coxbazar

A Confused little child not knowing what the future holds for her

The season indications are noticeable by the clear sky but the overwhelming situation of Rohingya camp is unbearable

Birds are going back to their nest and hoping goodwill for the very next day