I started this photo project because of my two pandas who I've had since the day I was born. It got me thinking, how many of us have the same stories and feelings for our first toys and so I decided to start a virtual museum of those first stories and emotions by taking portraits of people with their favourite toys and sharing a piece of their story along with the photo.

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Also, it's open for anyone who wants to participate, just take a self-portrait with your beloved childhood toy, write down a short story about your adventures and post them here!

More info: foreveryourteddybear.tumblr.com

#1 Lucija & Rabbit

Lucija & Rabbit


#2 Marija & Mudic

Marija & Mudic


#3 Nikolina & Mr. Bear

Nikolina & Mr. Bear


#4 Katarina & Disney Family

Katarina & Disney Family


#5 Kristina & Elmo

Kristina & Elmo


#6 Maja & Paci

Maja & Paci