Hello! I'm Tanya Bond and these are my charming creatures. I have been busy arting in the magical rainy glooms of Irish Midlands for over a decade. Some of the fairies I paint may have been spotted by me in the hedgerows, mountain waterfalls or stony creeks. Others are inspired by my kids, my dreams, my life, everything I see around me. Just like I can't settle on any medium and like to jump between pencils, pastels, oils and markers, I also find it hard to stick to the same subject style and move back and forth between pop surrealism, realism and illustration.

Over a year ago I created Duality Deck - my own version of an oracle card deck. It is compiled of Red Dot series portraits and the text that describes them. The idea behind these cards is to focus on your inner world and explore it and find the answers to your questions within. As opposed to traditional oracle it does not foretell your future.

My recent addictive project is creating colouring books. I have been illustrating in inks for the past 5 years and I thought that the images lend themselves nicely to a colouring book. And since I lovingly call the girls created in ink INKLINGS, the title of the book naturally came up. After the first book, came INKLINGS 2, Mini-INKLINGS and right now I'm working on Astro-INKLINGS which will feature 12 Inkling girls in their zodiac realms. After all this inking I am dying to plunge back into oil painting!

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#1 Tender Night

Tender Night

Tanya's Charming Creatures Report

#2 Princess Phoebe And Theodore The Great

Princess Phoebe And Theodore The Great

Tanya's Charming Creatures Report

#3 Hummingbird Whisper

Hummingbird Whisper

Tanya's Charming Creatures Report

#4 Puffin King

Puffin King

Tanya's Charming Creatures Report

#5 Bunny Keeper

Bunny Keeper

Tanya's Charming Creatures Report

#6 Reindeer People

Reindeer People

Tanya's Charming Creatures Report

#7 Future In The Past

Future In The Past

Tanya's Charming Creatures Report

#9 Dreams Of Home

Dreams Of Home

Tanya's Charming Creatures Report

Abby Rexroth 2 years ago

Sansa! She even has a dire wolf pendant.

#10 The High Priestess

The High Priestess

Tanya's Charming Creatures Report