You’re standing in the middle of a harshly lit changing room, squeezed into high waist jeans that look horrendous, trying to convince yourself that this cotton shirt doesn’t look like you’re about to rock a charity bingo night. “If she can pull it off, I can do that too, right?”, you say to the image of Jennifer Aniston walking down the street, casually dressed to kill.

Here comes the moment of enlightening truth. It’s not you that resembles a melting snowman in the middle of February with a piece of carrot left to rot, it’s celebrities who have every single piece of their clothing tailored! Sit down, please, we’re gonna get real here. This woman was left speechless upon finding out that “Jennifer Aniston is wearing a bigger size of Ralph Lauren t-shirt and having it altered to fit her.” Our whole life has been a lie—the clothes are NOT meant to fit you, and if they do, it’s because you make them. Take my hand and let’s go through the whole thing together.

Bored Panda also spoke to the stylist Agne Ananasas below about some useful tips for your next shopping spree.

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This woman couldn’t believe she’d only now realized why celebrities look drop-dead gorgeous

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Bored Panda asked Agne Ananasas, a stylist based in Vilnius, to share some insider’s tips on looking your best every day. “Looks are never the most important part. It all comes down to having a rich personality. A desire to look perfect for others is just a façade which is temporary.”

However, customizing your clothes is a great way to show your best. “Clothes that are tailored to fit a particular person will always look better on her or him. It will make your body shape look slick, and will emphasize your best parts.” Agne adds that “a good tailor may help you to hide the bits that don’t fit your bodily proportions. A tailor session can also give that old but good quality piece of clothing a second life.” Meanwhile, celebrities have to always be a step ahead of everyone. “They strive for perfection!” Agne explains. Of course they do. Angelina Jolie’s brand alone is worth a whopping 100 million dollars.

Agne gives some tips for your next shopping spree. “Always think before making a purchase! Count how many seasons you’ll wear that item that you like. Not all items are worth taking to the tailor! Think if you really like it, if it’s of a high quality, or if you won’t get bored by it. Sometimes a second-hand thing that doesn’t cost much but looks chic deserves to be remade more than a high-street item.”

Remember that your mood and hormones matter when shopping around because they might influence your decisions. “Avoid ‘drunk’ purchases. In that state of mind, everything looks better than it really is. PMS-induced mood swings are also something to be avoided. At that time, you’re likely to be more bloated and your hormones are going through the roof.” For that reason, Agne recommends going on a clothing hunt in the middle of your cycle when you feel in balance with yourself.

Little details work wonders when it comes to tailoring

Virginia Chadwyck-Healey, stylist and creator of some of Kate Middleton’s new looks, says that when it comes to looking your best in high-street clothing, little details work wonders. “I would certainly take high street items to be tailored” she stated. Tailoring could also solve the in-between size problem that is more common than you’d think. “If your bust size is bigger than your standard clothes sizing, you may find that you usually have to buy tops in a size up, but that then makes the item too big in other weird places. Small tweaks will make a huge impact.” If an item fits you really well, you are more likely to put it on every day.

In addition, a 20-dollar tailoring session will not only make your jeans look better, but will add an expensive look. Even a designer item will look dowdy and cheap if it doesn’t sit right. Another simple way to upgrade your wardrobe is to opt for better quality fabrics like cashmere, organic linen, or very thick denim. The best way to judge a fabric is to simply touch it. Does it feel rough and thin, or is it smooth and substantial? Your answer to which one’s better is right there.

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