Hello everyone. My name is Felicity Berkleef. A few of you may know me and most of you don’t. I have written a few articles about… cats. And here I am again with another… “cat” article. Original right?

This time I am writing about why cats are the best subjects for me to photograph.

Just take a look at these photos below.

If you want to know their names.. Nero, Tommie, Mr. Jansen, JoJo, Bruce, Taco, Spook (not in these series) and uhm I don’t know.

If you are interested in seeing more of my photos, then you can find more of my photos on the link below.

Or just ignore everything I wrote and look at the photo series I made of them :)

More info: Instagram

1. They are great meowdels!

2. They are magnificent!

3. They are very lazy.. just like me

4. My own two cats have a better love life than me…

Even when they’re both males :/

5. My cat Tommie is a meme!

He’s been called Jedi Cat, Khajiit has wares if you have coin, E.T….or he’s just simply a poor female that needs food.

6. They change a lot!

Like what does this cat even eat? He looks so amazing just like me (referring two lower photos) You can call him Garfield if you want! I also like lasagna :)

7. They have the prettiest eyes!

Which is not even fair while I have dark brown eyes:/

8. They are curious…

Whenever I am going to give them food.

9. They are the best stalkers!

Like they literally come here every single day. They know every single room of my house. Amazing right?

10. They are not scary at all!

Just look at that sweet angelic little face!

11. They have expressions in which some us can relate.

For example here… FMYLIFE!

12. They are just PURRFECT!