Twitter is up in arms over the situation that developed between user Shannoncooperox and her neighbors. Shannon said that she threw a basin of water over her neighbor’s “10-year-old” kid because he threw a cup of water over her cat. His dad then got incredibly mad about what happened.

The post started a heated debate on the social media platform: some Twitter users believe that Shannon was wrong to do this, others thought that the kid deserved what he got and blamed his dad for not teaching him proper manners. Meanwhile, a third group of people believes that both sides were to blame and that there are no winners in this story.

The situation got even weirder when Shannon clarified that her neighbor’s kid is actually 13 and just “looks 10.” She also said that the kid and his dad were laughing about what happened later on and hinted that all of them are actually friends. Let us know what you think about this incident in the comment section below, dear Pandas! We’d love to hear your take on things.

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Shannon posted about how she poured water over her neighbor’s kid after he threw water on her cat

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This is her cat

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Shannon’s post got a lot of attention online. More than 578k people liked her thread, another 70.2k retweeted it, and these numbers keep going up and up.

The Twitter user wrote that ever since her post about her cat and how she poured water over her neighbor’s kid, she’s been flooded with direct messages and some guys are even sending her inappropriate pictures of themselves.

Whatever opinion you might have about what Shannon did, what some people are doing is just not right. Or, as she put it herself, “Wtf is wrong with people I don’t wanna see that [crap].”

This story highlighted a lot of polarizing topics, like good parenting, how to be a good neighbor, whether or not revenge is the way to go, the wrong way to treat animals, and others. It’s an ethical minefield, so let’s keep the discussion civil, Pandas!


Shannon’s post started a discussion on Twitter. Some people supported what she did

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While others thought that Shannon was wrong to throw water on the kid

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