Hello my name is Wellington, I’m 34 years old, Brazilian and I’m an event photographer, although I did everything in photography, after entering a group called CAFA ( Composição Artistica de Figuras de Ação ) (*Aesthetic Composition of Action Figures) I was glazed on the photographic techniques that the staff used, to photograph his miniatures, but since I had no money to buy the Action Figures and the Dioramas, I decided to do what every photographer needs to do, be creative, so I had some miniature carts and some lego figures to start, I only used the scenery, I decided to improvise, I used everything in my house, but 80% of the scenarios in the photos below are composed of towels, that’s the same simple towels, in the group, many of my photos, so I’m expanded and transforming into a personal project, see the following photos.

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Gandalf on the Hills

Visit at the Fortress of Solitude

Batman AND Superman

Batman VS Superman Fortress of Solitude

Sauron saw me

Sunshine Day

Big Moon

Mustang in snow



The Bridge




Beetle at sunset