Buying stuff on pages like eBay or Amazon, you rarely get to interact with the seller. But texabilly71 did. And it was a nightmare.

The man spotted a vintage jacket he really liked and decided to get it. It was a Carhartt. He was cool with waiting through some inconveniences the seller had to go through before shipping the item as well. But all good things come to an end, including patience.

When the seller started insisting on interacting with him, texabilly71 knew something was up. “He claimed he had been trying to call me and text me because he wanted to talk to me about the order. No such missed calls, voicemails or texts showed up on my phone. It was very odd. My phone was working fine,” he told Bored Panda. “I had calls and texts from other people at the same time. So that all seemed a little odd to me. I’m glad the rest of the exchange happened through eBay so that there was proof he was trying to extort me for more money.”

texabilly71 wanted that particular jacket because he had the same one and it had been stolen on a job the week before. Carhartt had discontinued it, so his only chance to find it was on a third party seller sites.

Image credits: texabilly71

“I haven’t received the other eBay jacket yet but I’m definitely happy that I got it for less but even happier I did not give money to a dishonest and unscrupulous seller,” texabilly71 said.

He also wanted to add that he doesn’t think he did a very good job of defending capitalism. “It gets a bad rep these days, mostly because people either don’t understand what capitalism is or mistake the current system of corporatism/cronyism for capitalism. True capitalism is simply private property, the voluntary exchange of goods and services, as well as fair dealing of contracts. What’s to hate about that?”

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