It’s not the first time that bridezillas have made headlines for causing drama over their wedding gifts. Previously, we wrote about an entitled bride who believed this stranger owed her a custom order done for free, then we covered a story about a bride who asked guests for $1,500 each, and then… there’s this post on how bridezillas have left their guests speechless for various reasons.

This time, yet another entitled bride made it into the press when someone shared a screenshot of her post posted on the Brisbane Wedding Facebook group. Apparently, the bride felt so hurt and “slapped in the face” for getting 2 Kmart towels as a wedding gift for her “very exclusive wedding.”

“We don’t know how to deal with it…any suggestions?” the bride wrote, begging for some tips on how to survive this ‘horrendous situation.’ People were not buying it, of course, and below are some of the heated reactions.

This entitled bride who said a $10 wedding gift for her ‘very exclusive wedding’ was a slap in the face has left people online speechless

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To find out if there are any rules or boundaries when it comes to asking for wedding gifts, Bored Panda reached out to Elisabeth de Clerck of “Lucy Till French Weddings” who was happy to share her expertise.

“It is a hard thing to ask for a wedding gift and to find a way of asking this appropriately, Elisabeth said and continued: “Every couple is different, every wedding is different and so every wedding gift is different. Therefore I would not say there are any specific rules on how to ask for a wedding gift.”

Having said that, Elisabeth would recommend not making it too complicated since “your guests are already adapting themselves to you to come to your wedding. A gift registry is a cool way to give your guests an easy overview of what you like. Give some options in different price classes, so guests feel comfortable with the amount of money to spend on your wedding gift.”

Many were left speechless by the post

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“Some will be more than happy to pay you more, others cannot always afford the most expensive things, but that does not mean they care or love you less. So, make them feel comfortable by showing that the price they pay on your wedding gift does not matter.”

Elisabeth argues that whatever you decide, the wording around it is the most important. “Do not just put your wedding registry or bank account out there, this will make them feel that they are obligated to give you a gift. The most important is that your guests are looking forward to your wedding and present on the day, let them know this and that it is completely their decision whether they give you a gift or not,” she explained.

Most importantly, everyone should remember that “Asking for a wedding gift is not an excuse to get things for free,” Elisabeth added.

Others thought the bride kinda had a point