Tezi Gabunia is Tbilisi-based Visual Artist, who mainly focuses on research of cultural issues and manipulation with various media of visual arts.

Tezi Gabunia was born in 1987 in Georgia. In 2008, gained degree of Bachelor of Architecture. From 2011 till now, has been actively working in different media of visual arts. Has participated in personal and group exhibitions, publications were made about his work in various online and printed media both locally and internationally. In 2016 was awarded with Tsinandali Prize in Visual Arts (Georgia).

Natural disaster increasingly linked to a climate change has arrived to the museum of Louvre, which responds to the flooding of Paris in 2018. The artwork also respresents the issue of cultural leftover. Recycling is the main value of the process. By destruction of model that was a part of previous project Put Your Head into Gallery, the leftovers are reconstructed and new meanings and possibilities are created.

The flooding of the Louvre Museum speaks about news culture and our fluctuating perception of disasters as it is seen through media. The scale of the disaster is often difficult to assess from news coverage. In the work “Breaking News” flood goes slowly into the room of the Louvre, letting the viewer to gradually watch the destruction of interior. it brings the viewer shochinkly close to what has not happened but easily could have, viewer sees the before and after effect in a highly visualized manner, which is as convincing and threatening, as fake. The artwork presents a scoop, a situation, where the information as a show exceeds terrifying nature of catastrophe and where the real event is abolished. Is the information a new type of reality? Is it possible to cover real events? These issues arise during encounter of two situations – destruction of art artefacts and spectacular feature of this process.

Worked on the project:

Amashukeli Levan, Aphrasidze Vajiko, Barbakadze Temur, Barbakadze Andro, Chkhaidze Andro, Sephiashvili Misho, Vinda Folio, KinoFactory, Post Red Audio.

Koroshinadze Dato, Maisuradze Nika, Nadareishvili Mariam, Shengelia Oto, Tsanava Dato.

Photo Credits: Mamasakhlisi, Kikalastudio

Model of Material: Aquarium, PVC. Plexiglass, Wooden paper.


Antadze Misho, Chkhikvadze Irakli, Dolize David, Griskeviciute Morta, Kartlelishvili Temo, Ksnelashvili Vano, MUA.

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Flooded Louvre – The view of Rubens’ room

Flooded Louvre – The Right view of Rubens’ room

Flooded Louvre – The Left view of Rubens’ room

Model of the Louvre

Breaking News: Flooding of the Louvre