I’m Pedro Guglielmi, a Brazilian designer. I opened up a store called Drops Móveis (Drops Furniture) that aims to give our sports objects innovative functions.

The intersection of sports equipment and furniture design creates innovative decorations that mix art and sports culture, creating functional and high quality furniture.

All products are hand crafted in my own garage at Vila Madalena, São Paulo.

More info: thedropsbr.com | Instagram

Clockwork Orange Chair

I created this chair for all ClockWork Orange lovers, of the great movie director Stanley Kubrick.

Coat Rack “De Stijl”

Bookcase Chicago

Hanger Brazilian

Pindorama Console-Table

I made this furniture inspired by the word “Pindorama” that in Tupi language means “Land of Palm Trees”, that was the name of the regions that would later form Brazil.

Coat Rack Waikiki

American Console-Table


De Vlag Chair

I made this chair inspired by the flag of the city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.