My Name is Jyo John Mulloor and I bring imaginations to life. Barefoot is such an imagination on its way to reality!

The only thing that has bothered me about wearing shoes is its comfort. Rarely I would find a pair that would be really comfortable.

Still it does feel that you are wearing something that is not a part of you. I always wanted a shoe that would make me feel I am barely wearing one. Thus the idea for Barefoot came to existence.

I can really see this going forward. Soon we may have body implants that will replace our footwear.

Male fleshy footwear

Indentations on the bottom of the limb appear to be skin, but are in fact digital impressions

The heel of the foot is imprinted with cleat-like characteristics

Each of the surreal compositions are rendered with a strong sense of hyperrealism

Detail of the digitally manipulated foot


The texture of sneaker soles has been digitally implanted onto a human foot

The heel of a sneaker is blended into base of a bare foot

The female foot is given a rubbery, textured base