If you were a penguin and were in the market for a new home, where would you choose? This pair of blue penguins in Wellington, New Zealand probably couldn’t believe their luck when they found a cozy nook under Sushi Bi, a local sushi stand, and promptly moved into their new fishy house from heaven.

Wellington Sushi stall owner Long Lin was surprised to find a pair of blue penguins setting up camp in his shop

Image credits: FirstUpRNZ

Sadly for them, they were busted when they were heard making contented cooing sounds while hiding near the warm, yummy-smelling grills in the kitchen area.

Shop owner Long Lin has mixed feelings about the penguins. While he enjoyed having them around, he knows that it’s not a suitable habitat for them. “They were obviously very happy nesting under my shop, but I know it’s not an ideal place for them,” he told Bored Panda. “They were seriously cute! And I got to hold them for a moment.”

“I have been keeping an eye out for them for the last two days. Sadly, I haven’t seen them again.”

Image credits: RNZ

With the pair apparently having their hearts set on the centrally-located sushi stand as a nesting site, this means that they are likely to try and return, having already been evicted twice.

“They don’t take well to being relocated, in so far as people have tried moving penguins to establish new colonies at other locations and the penguins do tend to go back where they have come from,” Professor John Cockrem, from Massey University’s School of Veterinary Science, told RNZ about their stubborn homing instincts.

Long Lin told us that a ranger had now stopped by to stuff material in the hole where they entered the shop, so if they do make it back again, they are likely to be unhappy with what they find.

Image credits: RNZ

Image credits: FirstUpRNZ

The penguins were trying to set up a nest under the grills in the sushi stand

Image credits: RNZ / Hamish Cardwell

“The waddling vagrants were removed from their sushi stand refuge earlier today by Constable John Zhu. Unsurprisingly, this was not the first report Police had received about the fishy birds,” Wellington Police wrote in a statement about the incident.

“We received a call about 8:40 pm on Saturday night of a penguin on the road in Featherston Street. Police responded and with some help from members of the public released the penguin, described as ‘little and blue’, back into the sea.”

“Then today, about 6:35 am, Police received another report of the penguin, this time with a companion, near Wellington Railway Station.”

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Motorists in the area have been warned to be on the lookout in case the pair try to make a dash for the sushi stand again. The Department of Conservation has been monitoring the site and has warned people to keep their distance from the adorable waddlers.

Cute as they seem, they actually have a pretty nasty bite! “They put up a big fight when I grabbed the second penguin,” Long Lin told us. “Nipped me a few times on my chest and left a couple of red marks. But nothing too serious.”

Police, with help from the public, caught the pair and released them back into the sea

Image credits: Wellington District Police

You can see a video of the penguins in action below

Image credits: RNZ

Wellington harbor is home to at least 600 pairs of blue penguins, but this is the first time conservationists have heard of them making themselves at home in the city itself.

Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony‘s science and environmental manager Dr. Philippa Agnew told RNZ that little blue penguins can easily live in urban environments, but they have to be managed to ensure they are safe. “Wellington could create some safe breeding habitat for penguins along the waterfront,” she said.

“That usually is pretty simple, some rocks or some planting and then potentially behind that breeding habitat they could create a bit of penguin-proof fencing to stop the penguins coming across those busy roads and into the areas where they might be injured or disturbed.”

Image credits: RNZ / Charlotte Cook

Here’s what people had to say about the adorable, but pesky penguins

Long Lin and the staff at Sushi Bi have decided to paint a large mural in their shop in honor of the penguins, which will be ready in the next few weeks.