On Easter 2018, Marshmallow was rescued from an extremely neglective home in Hungary, together with his doggy family, and was brought to Animal Care Austria’s Hungarian care station. He was examined by ACA’s volunteer vet team and was diagnosed with severe heart problems and was clearly dying. To top his bad health, he was also found completely blind.

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Marshmallow’s neglective home in Hungary

We cannot imagine a blind dog, having to struggle to find food and water between the piles of trash he was living in, forced to then fight over it with the other starving dogs of the pack, for what may be his whole 11 years of life! And then to just end it all lying, waiting to die, on the concrete floor of a shelter, would just be unbearable. Marshmallow deserved to love and be loved!

Marshmallow waiting to die, surrounded by his doggy family in the animal shelter

So (as I was there as well as a volunteer photographer) I just had to bring him home, to let him know what love is, in the hope of also saving his life. And we were lucky! Even though Marshmallow was on the verge of death and his days were numbered, the incredible vet team of Tierarzt am Spittelberg managed to save his life, with their special emergency treatment and their endless love and care.

Being examined in the shelter by the volunteer vet team of Animal Care Austria, who confirmed his critical state

This is the place to thank the two most amazing vets I have ever met, Dipl. Tierarzt Peter Rippel & Dr. Bettina Rippel-Rachlé and their dedicated team, who save so many lives every day. The months of Marshmallow’s recovery were long and sleepless, but they were all worth it, as he got stronger and livelier every day.

Marshmallow and me, on our way home from the shelter

With the help of bells that I wore on my ankle and Aida, my other Animal Care Austria rescue from Hungary, who became his guiding dog, he learned quickly about his new environment and his new life and could finally start enjoying it!

Marshmallow in one of his many infusion treatments at Tierarzt am Spittelberg vet clinique

Marshmallow learning about the good life!

Marshmallow is now the liveliest dog in our pack, he’s so energetic and so loving! I was right to call him Marshmallow when I took him, he is just the absolute sweetest and fluffiest. He loves leading the way on our walks, even though he cannot see where he’s going, he loves sleeping on soft beds and his most favorite thing in the world are belly rubs! And who can resist rubbing that fluffy belly? In the past 1.5 years since we foster him, he has made such a long way!

Marshmallow enjoying his favorite thing in the world

Finally enjoying soft beds

His previous life left huge marks, both physically (his few completely broken teeth that are left, are a result of trying to get to food through hard things, such as throwing away food cans he could find in the trash piles that he was living in and the permanent heart damage that he suffers from due to an untreated tick-related illness that he had) and mentally (can you imagine the mental scars left from the survival-life of a blind, sick dog?!), though we overcame so many of them, as Marshmallow is so smart and full of love and joy!

He is full of funny faces

Life can be so wonderful

Marshmallow didn’t only get healthier and happier on each day, he also gets more and more beautiful!

He recognizes the sound of our feet and voices and follows us everywhere!

Will you be the one to love Marshmallow forever?

However, he still didn’t find the most important thing- his forever home, with that special family who will just want to love him and cuddle him and protect him for the rest of his life. If you would like to adopt the sweetest Marshmallow in the world, please contact Animal Care Austria!