I am Karolis Janulis from Vilnius, Lithuania. At the moment high in the air, taking some birds-eye view photos, to share with you, enjoy!

Taking aerial photos and making videos from above grant us the possibility to see the same, daily world, in unseen colors and points of view. Pandas shouldn’t get bored!

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Open air

On a sunny day, I decided to go to Vilnius city central park to shoot some drone photos. When arrived, I saw a mass of people doing yoga with those colorful rugs. I lifted up the drone asap feeling a rush of adrenaline. People have been changing poses and staying still for a moment, which was perfect for some aerial view shots.

Boat parking

Boats parked in the city of Senj, Croatia. Emerald water and mountains are the main reasons to go there for vacation.


Shadow rider drawing some street art in the parking lot near Trakai, Lithuania.

Slice the clouds

When flying in the air from my point of view, the most fascinating and interesting scenes for cool photos are above the water. Waves, vibes, colors, reflections, underwater flora, all together lead to some unique views. A friend of mine captured supping in the pearl of Lithuania, Trakai.

Spoon of broccoli

When the rapeseed started blooming I was already looking for the right drone photography scene to show the dominating yellow. While picking up the spot for the shoot I found some small forest in between the rapeseed and decided the contrast should work. I flew over the field and then noticed that the forest form reminded of the spoon and the tree tops looked like broccoli. Delicious!

Break Dance

Eco barcode

One of those sunny summer days when cruising with my friends in Lithuania. Sighted many scenes that would look cool from above, still had to pass them not to bother everyone too much with stops. But on the next day, 50 miles back to soothe the conscience and share with you :)

Volte – face

Wake boarder, shot at windy Svencele, Lithuania. Later when this interesting picture was posted on Instagram a friend of mine from the past saw it and recognized her man waterboarding. It’s a small world.

City of shadows

Vilnius, Lithuania. Shadows become the main players in the late afternoon when looking directly downwards. Gear factor becomes not so important as shadows become like magnifying glass, highlighting smallest details.

By the sea

A shadow rider on the coast of the Baltic sea.


A triple of good friends keep company in the lake of Elektrenai, Lithuania. This photo is one of my most favorite works.


A highway in Lithuania.

From pond

Does it look like? :) My friends from Slovakia were having a relaxing swimming in the lake of Elektrenai, Lithuania, while I was flying to capture the moment to remember.


It’s a must to have something related to basketball if you are a Lithuanian. It’s more than a sport for us :) Here’s my picture captured in the capital city Vilnius.


A street in Klaipeda and it’s afternoon participants. Interesting that after posting it on the web, unknown girl recognized herself and friend. That’s just from the shadows and some hashtags #boredpanda.


It is so great that eventually we all have a possibility to see the world from the birds-eye view.

Penthouse Party

Parking Place

Kubik Rubik

Fitting Room