It is probably the best hikes I have ever done. It is truly an outdoor Mecca and the best way to explore the magnificence of the Alps during the summer. There are hundreds of hikes that you can do, but if I had to recommend one, it will be for sure the Lacs des Chéserys.

If you followed my work, you probably remarked that I m not really doing outdoor photography. Not because I don’t like that, just because I m living in big city, and it’s really hard to go out if you don’t have your own car. Anyway, this time I was with an expert in mountain photography, my friend and photographer Vincent Viargues.

We parked in Tré-le-Champ Le-Haut (1450m) and took the quickest way, but the hardest. During the hike we passed by many ladders, which could be dangerous with a 20kg backpack and 1000 meters deep ravine. For the way back , we passed by the col des Montets, which I recommend if you children or if you have a fear of heights. Apart from that, the hike is easy and the panoramas are superb.

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