After almost 45 years, the beloved Charles B. Pierce film classic readies for the 1st OFFICIAL HOME release in history, after being fully-restored & remastered at The George Eastman Museum and Audio Mechanics, resurrecting the wide-angle Techniscope format, along with the brilliant Technicolors, and pioneering sound! The film’s iconic poster art by Ralph McQuarrie (Star Wars) stands as a testament to the contributions ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek’ made to independent filmmakers, from ‘The Blair Witch Project’ to modern-day crime docudramas that mimic the format today. This true story follows reports of a “Bigfoot-type” creature said to lurk the swampy bottomlands of Fouke, Arkansas, and captures the atmospheric tone of the culture. Made in 1972 for about $160K, and grossing over $25M ($144M adjusted for inflation) in it’s original theatrical run between 1972-75, it’s one of the highest-grossing documentaries of ALL TIME!

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Teenage Hunter from ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek’

Herb Jones from ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek’

Travis Crabtree from ‘The Legend of Boggy Creek’

The Legend of Boggy Creek

The Legend of Boggy Creek 4K Trailer

Ralph McQuarrie (Star Wars) Original Oil on Canvas Poster Art