I bought this Binochulars the other day at antique shop. so i wanted to work on *jungle theme* photo. after i took photo and done editing my husband came and said *hey she is holding Binoculars Upside Down*………………….. i was like……ohhhhhhh noooooooo!!!!!!!!!! (i asked her to hold it this way. actually she was holding it right way at first but i fixed it….ughhh )

i was shocked because it took quite a while to editing….so i posted on photographers group page to ask what other photographers will think. Other photographers said its more telling why she cant see an animal behind her (because its upside down) and kids always do those thing and its cute etc etc… ( i really wanted to give big hug to all of them!!!! Thank you!!!!! ) it made me feel love this work :) I learn that sometime we can get good result from mistake <3

Behind the scnene – she always make this face in 3-5min with saying no more pic lol