Henry’s always enjoyed toying with people’s expectations when it comes to food. Viewers might be fooled into thinking they’re looking at a 2D illustration of The Beatles’s Yellow Submarine — but upon closer inspection, they’ll realize the reflective color blocks are, in fact, made entirely of Jello.

Leading up to the 2012 US elections, Henry did portraits of all 44 presidents, using plasticine to construct moulds of each face. Each mould was then filled with Jello, and the plasticine was removed once the liquid was set.

With this new project, he applied the same method but left the plasticine in resembling the pen lines in a drawing in order to recreate a cartoon he’s loved for as long as he can remember — “It was, in the end, a fun way to introduce one enduring childhood treat to another.”

Jello Submarine by Henry Hargreaves

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