Golden Retrievers are awesome. Fluffy bundles of happiness with great personalities meant to be your best friend. The best companions for children, not to mention that the Golden Retriever breed is one of the most popular used for Assistance and Therapy dogs. I also have such a wonderful dog.

A few years ago, this breed was rare in Bucharest and the rest of the country, only a few were seen wagging their happy tails in parks or boulevards. Now they became very popular and you can easily find one. But lately, I see more and more reported cases of abandoned Golden Retrievers, in devastating and horrifying health conditions, on my daily news feed. Their place is not on the streets, confused why suddenly they’re not with their families anymore, searching for food in the trash, fighting for survival and being bitten by stray dogs used to these tough conditions.

Such a heartbreaking case is Lola. Simply put, I was shocked when I saw the pictures. Lola is a 9-year-old abandoned Golden Retriever with no teeth, only has the canines (fangs) left. She suffers from otitis which developed an infection, mange, severe dermatitis, severe infection at one of her legs, a mammary tumor, and she is so skinny that she looks like a skeleton. After Lola was found she was taken to a dog shelter, Kola Kariola Association, and the person who found her is struggling to raise money for food and medical treatment.

Please, if you want to help Lola, you can go to the dog shelter’s website and donate using the hashtag #ForLola when you make the payment. Whatever the amount is, it will help her greatly. Be a hero for an abandoned soul.

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