I spent a week in the gorgeous lake district around the northern city of Patagonia in Argentina, Bariloche.

I found neo-gothic European architecture, beautiful national parks, lakes, forests, craft beer, amazing chocolate and a Swiss colony.

Check out my photos.

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This is Patagonia

View of Lake Nahuel Huapi from the city of Bariloche

A ski tree in Bariloche. It’s a big ski destination in the Winter time.

The Refreshing Lake Nahuel Huapi

Central Plaza in Bariloche with Neo-Gothic European Architecture

A city street leading to the lake

Gazing out at some beautiful lakes

Nahuel Huapi National Park

Views of Nahuel Huapi National Park

Lake near the cabin

An invitation to get in

Enjoying a swim in supremely clear water

Lakefront near Bariloche

A fresh Quilmes on the beach, a cheap Argentinian staple

A sign in Colonia Suiza

The making of curanto, a traditional Argentinian/Chilean dish

Berlina Craft Beer Brewery

Some drunk looking lawn dwarfs near Berlina

Cheers to Patagonia and pints on the beach