Cross-stitching and other needlepoint crafts might be often associated with boring stuff our grandma’s do. But don’t’ be too quick to judge. These artists prove, that cross-stitches can be quirky and hilarious, too.

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Innocent nature pictures, cute cats or colorful flowers are pushed to the side. Cross-stitching enters the new stage of humorous patterns with ironic and sarcastic notes embroidered on it. These cross-stitches can help you send a message without saying a word.

We’d like to invite artists to share the best pictures of badass cross-stitches as well. Don’t forget to vote for your favorites, too!

#1 Let's Take A Cellfie

Let's Take A Cellfie


DavidL. 3 years ago

Bwahaha! I want this in my house.

#2 You're Ovary Acting

You're Ovary Acting


KarlieRose 3 years ago

This is hilarious

#24 So-crates



Stephanie Chapman 2 months ago

Yay! Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure quote!

#25 Tea