There is a beautiful expression in French for the daily work routine, it is "métro, boulot, dodo" which means "subway, work, sleep". Although I am no longer an office employee and I can lay in my bed as long as I want (and not only on Monday mornings) I have feelings for those who have to fight 9 to 5 spleen on a daily basis.

This gif project is specially dedicated to commuters, stressed-out executives, people in the middle of their life crisis or who will hit it soon. I hope you will have the chance to discover those gifs on your way to work (preferably on a rainy day) and that they'll make you smile.

I wish you a work intense and productive week!

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#1 I'm Late, I'm Late

I'm Late, I'm Late


Eniola 2 years ago


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#2 Hands-free Kit

Hands-free Kit


#3 Dans Le Trome

Dans Le Trome


#4 Counting Sheeps

Counting Sheeps


Pi... 2 years ago

Should have been jumping over laptops!

#5 Tielet Paper

Tielet Paper


#6 The Tower

The Tower


#7 I'm A Rebel

I'm A Rebel


#8 Release The Pressure

Release The Pressure