I chose to make these portraits, because I think that cockroaches and these characters are very similar in many ways, cockroaches relate to all the negative and repulsive to me these characters have done things that should not exist in our world as genocide , wars, violence, discrimination, racism, abuse of authority and many despicable things that everyone should condemn in general.

It is a protest that I, as an artist and as a human do, and my goal is to make others aware that this is not allowed anymore.

I use oil paint and also used a small brush to make the tiniest details.

The process of the portraits is very complicated because first I have to catch them alive or occasions already dead, once dead I open the belly and clean inside to prevent decomposition, I leave for several hours with formaldehyde and they are ready for paint.

 Paint on cockroaches is not easy, the back of cockroaches is very smooth and sometimes paint does not adhere slides and also the portraits are so small that it’s very hard to achieve the similarity of each character.

I made six portraits that are: Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump, Fidel Castro, Nicolas Maduro, Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin, but hopefully later continue completing the collection because I think missing more on the list I want to do.

These characters were the first who considered because they have much in common between them and have a very negative popularity

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Donald Trump – The president of USA

Vladimir Putin The president of Russia

Work in progress

Nicolas Maduro president of Venezuela

Adolf Hitler

Fidel Castro Ex- president of Cuba

Kim Jong-un the supreme leader of North Korea

Donald Trump painted on a Real Cockroach