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Artist Florin Cristea Creates Handmade Woodsculptures For Over 20 Years In Vrancea, Romania.
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Art7 years ago

Artist Florin Cristea Creates Handmade Woodsculptures For Over 20 Years In Vrancea, Romania.

Born on December 22, 1962, artist Florin Cristea studied Physics and Mathematics in highscool.
He has been working with wood since 1992 and he loves it.

All his sculptures have their natural wood color. They have been treated with oil to preserve the wood but they have not been painted. The wood has been worked with chisels and you can tell by looking at the carving the details and the attention that the artist has given for his creations. The chisel bite in the wood is clearly made by a human hand and not a machine, which offers authenticity to the piece of art.

Florin Cristea lives in Vrancea, Romania.

If you’d like to follow the artist and see more of his work, you can find him on facebook at:
Sculptures Florin Cristea.
Photography by Crina Cristea Photography

More info:

artist Florin Cristea with sculpture ‘Goddess’

“This passion, much well said love, existed from the beginning. But life tries you, and after a long series of years, schools and jobs, you realize that is not what you want and you must change direction; 180 degrees or 360 degrees. And I have wanted to be born again.”-Florin Cristea

church gates carved by the artist

‘We will exist only through the light of our actions!’ – FLORIN CRISTEA

‘Human Destiny’

“The human is the crown of creation. Life is an unique gift. Aware or not, the human has a destiny, a cross to carry . In large part, through our actions, we make it harder or easier to carry.”- Florin Cristea

artist and sculpture ‘Folklore’

“No, there are no happenings. There are no happenings if you want to do something. If you only want to talk, then you talk and do nothing. If you want to prove something, you fight no matter how hard it is, of course with some help from people who see that you want to do something and want to give you a hand because they trust you and your work.”- Florin Cristea

“My woodcarvings represent the search of my own self (of the self)- of the divine dimension of the human.”- Florin Cristea



Vizantea, Vrancea



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