One of the renowned artists of Lithuania just created another unexpected and catchy installation – multidimensional sculpture. But to see it – you have to be on the right spot. Jolita Vaitkute is an artist, who uses food and other everyday objects to create installations, performances, and illustrations, mostly portraits.

Young artist is especially fond of portraying subjects from pop culture and politics. Reflecting the ever-changing modern world, most of her work is transient in nature, as it either gets eaten up or destroyed in the process.

Her new piece of art is located next to the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, in the picturesquare “Tony Resort” in Anupriskes. The artistic portrait by Jolita Vaitkute depicts one of Lithuania’s political leaders, businessman and philanthropist, as well as legendary poker player. Antanas Guoga, more commonly known as Tony G, at the moment is a Member of the European Parliament focusing on digital market agenda.

Born in Lithuania, at the age of 11 Tony G moved to Australia, where pursued his education and started professional career. Interestingly, before moving to Melbourne, as a child, Tony G was the Rubik’s Cube champion of Lithuania. Perhaps, mathematical thinking pursued his later successes in poker games. He has played poker since the age of 18, and is known for his outlandish table talk and frequent attempts at intimidation of his opponents.

To actually see the portrait of Tony G amongst the trees, you have to find the right spot. Head of the “Tony Resort” Neringa Ciurliene says, that usually the first ones to notice the installation and to understand how it works are children. “Young ones are curious, active and intuitive, so they find the right angle in few seconds. Their parents later on recognize politician, businessman and World renowned poker player Tony G”, – comments N. Ciurliene.

Multidimensional sculpture is made from old wooden boards and small twigs from the park of “Tony Resort”.

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