Beautiful mud paintings depicting a universe filled with plants, animals and people covered the walls of a classroom at a school in Sujata Village, India. Japanese artist Yusuke Asai painted this work of art in the Niranjana School in order to raise awareness of how the children and villagers of Bihar live. His work is so intricate and detailed that it creates a completely immersive experience for its viewers. To create this painting, Asai used local dirt, dust, ash, and straw as a way to symbolize and respect the land that local farmers depend upon for their livelihoods.

After exhibiting the mud paintings, Asai worked together with the children to wipe away his work, returning the material to the soil and teaching the students the meaning of life as a cycle.

What a meaningful initiative and what mesmerizing art! Are you as impressed as I am?

Source: (h/t: mymodernmet)