I’m an artist in the UK. I’m working on a webcomic and it can get pretty stressful. I decided to take the day off working and so I asked my fans for character mash ups they wanted to see and some of them were so funny I had just had to share them with someone

I hope I did the original characters justice in my parodies.

Kirbtain America (Kirby/Captain America)

Sherlockirby (Sherlock/Kirby)

Jason Voorhies/Kirby

Three jigglypuffs in a trench-coat (Vincent Adultman/Jigglypuff)

Gandalf/A Badger

Dracula / Kirby

Frankensturtle (Frankenstein/Squirtle)

Magnum Piglett (Magnum PI and Diglett)

Spider-Mew (Spider-Man/Mew)

Deathtoro (Hamtaro/Death from Discworld

FlutterPoppins (Fluttershy/Mary Poppins)