I gave my Visual Communication students at Fashion Institute of Technology the same illustration project I was recently assigned by The New York Times concerning the age of Trump. 

I know some of the students were sharing the emotions of fear and loathing that have permeated the zeitgeist in the age of Trump.

My hope was that in addition to creating a compelling illustration, the process of creating a work of art would help them purge their negative emotions via catharsis. They were tasked to use the rich iconography of the “culture of calamity” to make their visual commentary on Trumpian turmoil.

I wanted them to speak their truth to power using the tools of irony, parody, homage or satire.

Donald Trump has inspired legions of professional and amateur artists to try their hand at political art. I knew these talented students could come up with some powerful imagery and they exceeded my expectations.

Marilyn Trump by Gina Ienopoli

Cheeto Trump by Catherine Choon

Make America Again by Ariane Zhang

Trump Street by Meghan Pin Yuan Huang

Red Riding Hood by Shannon Jonlee

Birth of Trump by Julie Klein

Donald Duck by Joe Wagner

King Rat by Danielle Mercado