A contemporary woman is featuring in my art work – her lines, forms, beauty rituals and surroundings.

Cooperating with the World Lithuanian Youth Association an idea was born to create a XXI century interpretation of the XIX century K. Ruseckas’ painting “Pjovėja” (“The Reaper Girl”).
Art is a common joy for all, therefore I decided to find a girl, who would embody K. Ruseckas’ “The Reaper Girl” on Facebook.

The famous Reaper Girl became Milvydė Arlauskaitė. When I saw her in my studio I was filled with joy, because the girl gave meaning to all the colors, emotions and senses typical to a contemporary Lithuanian girl.

With the help of a brush several elements were transformed from K. Ruseckas’ “The Reaper Girl” to today’s modern Lithuanian girl: the active and ever rushing woman.

It feels good to create for Lithuania, to express love with my works, to promote the feeling of belonging.

More info: agneart.com

The contemporary Lithuanian girl moved from canvas into the hearts of many Lithuanians.

Girl’s posture is recognizable and typical to the modern selfies – tilted head, puffed up lips and romantic look in the eyes.

Every member of the community participating in the Naisiai Summer Festival could become a part of the whole creation.

The entire collage comprised 5348 magazine clippings.

The portrait of the Lithuanian girl reflects not only a contemporary woman, but also the great love to Lithuania.