True friendship lives on forever. Especially among legends. The mythical Arnold Schwarzenegger tugged on the internet’s heartstrings when he posted a tribute to his best friend and “partner in crime” Franco Columbu. The eulogy for the fellow actor and bodybuilding superstar is so heartfelt and honest that it’s difficult to keep the tears at bay.

The Terminator star once again proved that the biggest muscle he has — and the only one that really matters — is his heart. Internet users worldwide felt that Schwarzenegger’s salute to his best buddy of 54 years was worth everyone’s attention. The eulogy went viral, getting more than 62,500 upvotes on the r/bodybuilding subreddit. What’s more, Redditors gave Arnold 10 Platinum, 17 Gold, and 26 Silver Awards for his beautiful words. But it’s not the praise that Arnold got that matters — what matters is his sincerity.

Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a sincere tribute to his best friend Franco Columbu

Columbu, who is originally from Sardinia, passed away in a hospital there last Friday at the age of 78. The man had become ill after going for a swim in the ocean, according to the media.

Schwarzenegger and Columbu were friendly bodybuilding rivals

The former governor of California wrote online that he and Columbu “pushed each other”, “competed with each other”, and the pair “laughed at every moment along the way.” The pair had first met each other in Germany, where they became friendly rivals.

The men were inseparable — their friendship lasted 54 years

Schwarzenegger and Columbu have a lot in common. The ‘Austrian Oak’ has won the coveted Mr. Olympia title 7 times, while Columbu won it twice. Columbu was also a very capable actor in his own right, staring along with Scwarzenegger in The Terminator, The Running Man, and Conan the Barbarian.

The friendship between the pair is enough to make anyone jealous

But Columbo was far more than a friend to Schwarznegger — he was practically family. Arnold named him his best man in 1986 when he got married to Maria Shriver. What’s more, Columbo became godfather to their daughter Christina. The amazing friendship between these two titans is something everyone strives to have in their lives.

The two bodybuilders acted together in The Terminator, The Running Man, and Conan the Barbarian

The bromance was so real, that Arnold uploaded a video of their friendship on YouTube himself