Did You ever realise the similarity between the human and animal behaviour? I see you did… Well, I did too. My recent artwork is reflecting on social, cultural and behavioural phenomenons from a sarcastic point of view and with a touch of humour. The themes of my pieces been brought from everyday situations.

These paintings are kind of a snapshots of the absurd, funny, romantic and sometimes unfair society around us. These artworks don’t have meaning, they have a message, which I tried to make as clear as possible, obvious, without any mystification and unnecessary circumlocution.

It’s all presented in a cheeky, sarcastic, nevertheless hilarious and joyful wrapping. Like exactly in ordinary life. It doesn’t matter how big your trouble is, you still find moments when your own misery cracks you up. Hope you will enjoy it!

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WTF?! Spray paint on canvas (143x76cm)

One day after. Spray paint on canvas (125x100cm)

Namaste. Spray paint on canvas (141x86cm)

Here is the red, where is the red? Spray paint (155×73)

Resistance. Spray paint on canvas (150x100cm)

In God we trust… don’t we? (162x90cm)

Cocks not dead. Spray paint on plywood (195x75cm)