Chasing dreams takes time. In fact, all good things take time. The same goes for career aspirations—wanting something badly is, unfortunately, not enough to achieve what you want. It takes hard work, too. But this young woman sure knows a thing or two about persistence and focus—two things that make a perfect combination to act out your wildest, most incredible dreams. Once a young girl dreaming about animating for one of the biggest animation companies, today she stands proudly by the Pixar sign, sharing a glimpse of her first day at her dream job.

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This young woman worked for over a decade and finally was able to live out her dream

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“Ten years ago, I said ‘One day,'” she writes in her now-viral tweet which amassed a whopping number of over 1 million likes. “Yesterday, I said ‘Day one.'” Janel’s tweet touched the hearts of millions, with many people commenting that she was able to inspire them not to give up on their dreams.

Back in 2009, she shared her photo under the entrance sign of Pixar Animation Studios with the caption “One day!”

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Janel Drewis is an animator based in Oakland, California. Back in 2009, the young woman had just started off her arts bachelor. Apparently, for Janel, working at Pixar Animation Studios was one of her major dreams. The same year, she posted a picture on Facebook where she was posing in front of the Pixar entrance sign and captioned the photo “One day!”

This year, she shared a photo of her under the same sign captioned “Day one”

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Fast forward to March 3, 2020. Janel posts a photo of herself under the same Pixar sign. But this time it’s a bit different—she came here for her first day of work as an animator at one of the world’s biggest studios.

Some people felt deeply inspired by Janel’s tweet

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“I cried seeing this,” one woman writes. “Working for Disney/Pixar is my biggest dream since I was a child. Even though I’m no longer drawing like I used to (the struggle is called depression), I still dream about this. Thank you thank you thank you. Your tweet truly inspired me,” she finishes off her emotional comment.

And many others were congratulating the woman on her achievement

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