There is now video proof that the Amish are super-humans, sort of, thanks to this timelapse footage by Ohio-based Scott Miller. He captured a team of Amish men who worked together from 7 A.M. to 5 P.M. to construct an enormous barn from scratch. Oh, and they even took time off for lunch. We could learn a thing or two about productivity from these guys.

If you take a closer look, none of the guys in did it the easy way: they used minimal tools and no cranes for heavy lifting – just their hands. Among the Amish, barn-raising is a tradition hailing as far back as 18th-century rural North America, as barns are quite essential for holding farm animals and storing grains. It was also a nice gesture of neighborliness, with fellow villagers coming together to help each other out with the hard work.

Scott’s wife Penny (who uploaded the footage to YouTube) explained that Scott made the video by putting together 1,600 pictures that were shot at 20-second intervals with the help of a remote timer on Scott’s camera.

(h/t: thisiscolossal)