I've called my illustrations "Bright Shadows".

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Each drawing is a magic world, a new adventure, where the darkness isn't dangerous and where the light and all the animals protect the little girl, allowing her to enjoy each single moment and to see only the beauty of life.

More info: ilaillustrations.weebly.com

#1 Lady And The Lilies

Lady And The Lilies


Bo Bednar 1 year ago

Those are some big fish! Or maybe she's Thumbelina..

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#3 Boat Readings

Boat Readings


Sarah Lennie 1 year ago

This immediately reminded me of Anne of Green Gables...which is possibly showing my age.

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#4 Songs To The Wind

Songs To The Wind


atiQah 1 year ago


#6 Japanese Lanterns

Japanese Lanterns


Susann Campbell 1 year ago

"Oh please Mr.Yang follow the lanterns as far as you can."

#9 Axolotl



Jazlyn J. 1 year ago

Like if you like Axolotls!! Such a beautiful picture, people must do more drawings with axolotls in them!

#10 Owls



GeGiee 1 year ago

warm winter

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