With new government of Kaunas (Lithuania) policy and art programme “Kaunas Highlights” an old graffiti piece “Star Seeder” finally was restored.

Primary version of this piece was made by lithuanian artist Morfai in 2008. Then at night without any permission simple stencil was sprayed on the wall in one of the main place of the city called “Vytautas the Great War Museum”.

Sadly this fine piece was overpainted and the light that was build to light the sculpture rotated elsewhere. Morfai thinks this was done by old-fashioned architect of the place.

With following years the picture of the piece went viral on internet and press. It was shown on the Russian first channel live on the TV game “What? Where? When?” as a tricky question that no one could guess.

Later the local government changed and new politics started the programme “Kaunas Highlights” in which artist Morfai participated. He won the third place and permission to install the stars in to the wall. After three weeks of work stars made out of stone was installed. The lightning put in to the right place and now the people after 8 years of waiting get the first legalized piece of art in Lithuania and probably in all Baltic states.

More info: highlights.kaunas.lt

View in the daylight

Then at night

The same place in soviet era

Spraying the stars in 2008

Photo: Dave White

Cutted out of black granite

Photo: Evaldas Virketis

Installing works

Photo: Deivis Slavinskas

Final result made in 2017 March

Photo: Lukas Mykolaitis

Brainstorm session for “Seeder”