I shoot kids for a living. Most times as themselves in the clothes that their parents bring but also in different costumes, like in vintage clothes, as pirates, princesses, native indians, or star wars characters . I have lots of props and nice costumes for the little ones. I love movies and my photos are very influenced by them, my favourite directors are Milos Forman and Tim Burton.

Usually I don’t plan the shoots in advance, instead we just pick a theme there and then! But this time I decided to do a series on a theme…

Young vampires!

Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved these mysterious, beautiful creatures and I liked the idea of young vampires. Not so innocent children, the kind you don’t want to meet in a dark alley… and who are older than they seem.

I started a model search and got more responses that I could hope for! I finally ended up shooting 20 different kids between the ages of 5-12. I ordered dresses and other clothes and props and what I thought in the beginning would take a few weeks of shooting ended up in 7 months of shooting between clients, planning, editing, re-editing…

In photoshop I edited the pale skin, enhanced the eyes, changed the colour tones, liquified the ears. I just put dark make up around the eyes but did the skin-tone in post-prod, it would have been to hard for the 5-year olds to sit still during make up and then have energy left for the shoot. I did all the styling myself and spent hours and hours finding the right outfits

On my website you can see more of my art sessions and my “regular” shoots.

More info: ozdeleau.com | Instagram