Have you ever imagined how does the fairy tale looks like?

My name is Edita Lei and I want to share my magical world with you. Everything started when I took a piece of clay in my hand. I was making handmade dolls like faeries, gnomes, elves, dwarfs and even house for each of them but it was not enough for me.

I wanted to make these dolls alive so I wrote a story. A story where my all characters finally has become real. I was so charmed of this magical world that I wanted to make people know about it too. So I combined everything and wrote a fairy tale “Fairy stories from misty valley”. At this day my book is the only one where illustrations consists of photographs of handmade dolls photographed in nature.

My dream is to have an opportunity to invite people in to my world, to see these characters to feel this magic feeling.

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Love and dreams Fairies

Image Credits: Marius Žičius

Image Credits: Paula Lee

Tea Fairy

Image Credits: Jolanta Rutkauskienė

Sleeping Fairy

Image Credits: Paula Lee

Sweet tooth Fairy


Image Credits: Marius Žičius

A little bit of process

A short video about the book

Video credit: Paula Lee