Last time I wrote on Bored Panda, I’ve posted about my redesign of the LOTR Monopoly board game. I was very happy to see positive responses to the article, so I decided to make a bigger and better one. The design of the board, cards and money didn’t change so much, but the box is changed and there are some new things inside the box. To make it possible, I needed some help, so my partner joined me on this project.

First, we started making the design of the box in 3D and when we were happy with the design, we made the cardboard model of it. Now, the lid of the box can be separated from the bottom. The box is made completely from wood and you have two small “leaf-like” buckles, just to make sure the box will stay closed when it’s not used. After the box was made, we started making figures for players from wood. On every wooden circle there is a silhouette of one of the 6 races from the Lord of the Rings story: Hobbit, Dwarf, Human, Elf, Wizard and Orc. You can choose a race who you love the most. Every silhouette was carved by a laser on the wooden circle, then the edge and the back was painted in 6 different colors, depending on the race.

The dices are also made of wood and there are two types: one with numbers and one with Moon Runes. The dice with Moon Runes is used when a player stops on one of two fields: Evenestar or The White Tree of Gondor. The Runes can either help or harm the players´ progress. Instead of houses and hotels, players can buy hobbit holes and towers. First, we made a 3D model of hobbit holes and towers and then 3D printed them. The concept of the game came from the board game Monopoly, but the rules are changed and adapted to the LOTR story. I named the game ”Lands of Middle Earth’’, because obviously you have to buy as much lands in Middle Earth as possible. Hope you like the new improved game!

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The front of the box

“Go on an adventure!”

Wooden circles with silhouettes

Hobbit, Dwarf, Human, Elf, Wizard and Orc + 2 dices

“Leaf-like” buckle

3D printed hobbit holes and towers

Completed board game ”Lands of Middle Earth”