On 23 June 2017 three two person teams started hike on foot, from a different country (England, Poland and Denmark), on an adventure with a small ecological footprint.

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Teams had to reach Milan on foot by 20 October 2017 with as many points as possible. These points were earned along the way by performing tasks: 40 in total.

After trekking 2 100 km through Europe, sleeping for 120 nights under open skies, cooking on the fire, washing in the rivers, eating wild mushrooms and berries, completing 17 challenges and duels, Team Yellow returns home as winner with a cheque of €21 000 for their ecological charity, Čepkeliai-Dzūkija PAN park.

Romas Usavicius and Simona Vidunaitė from Lithuania were the ones who reached the finish line in Milan with the highest score. They spent 4 months sleeping in the tent and hiking through England, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.

Just in a week they are going to start a new adventure in Asia. Join them on exploring Thailand, Laos and Cambodia .

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