I have made a lamp that changes shape. It is made from wooden sticks which rotate about one another to make the whole lamp get bigger and smaller.

I made it because I love the feeling I get when I see something inanimate move in an unexpected way. Like it is alive. I don’t think that our homes need to be full of static functional furniture. I think furniture can be expressive and mobile and change with our moods when we want it to.

The Crane Lamp is inspired by the shape of the Crane bird’s neck. When the bird is cold it tucks its head into its body and when it catches prey it extends it out into an elegant arc.

The lamp is available in two sizes, one to sit on the floor and another to light up a desk. Its weight is perfectly counterbalanced by the strength of the spring, ensuring that lamp will hold its shape at any height. Raising the lamp is easy, it’s just a case of pushing or pulling any part of the structure and the lamp will glide into its new position.

The lamp is available in solid walnut, sapele or oak. The joints are machined from brass and hold the cable in place as the lamp changes shape. Every Crane Lamp is assembled by hand in a workshop in East London.

You can buy the Crane Lamp as a desk lamp or as a taller floor lamp, both are available on kickstarter now.

More info: kickstarter.com

The Floor Lamp in its smallest and tallest state

The Desk Lamp in its smallest and tallest state

The Crane Desk and Floor Lamp

The parts that make the Lamp

The Crane Lamp Family

The wooden parts

The Crane Desk Lamp

The Crane Desk Lamp

The Crane Desk Lamp

The Crane Floor Lamp

Crane, the Kinetic Lamp is on Kickstarter