If you’ve ever yearned for a football quiz that includes animals, Bruce Lee and Karl Pilkington, you’ll want to check out the quiz being dubbed ‘the hardest football quiz on the internet.’

But do you even need football knowledge? The quiz is causing a stir in the football fans vs ‘non-football fans’ debate as some ‘non football fans’ have performed better than football fans. Go figure. You’ll probably need a geography degree to get all 50 though!

The Find50 football quiz contains:

– 50 clubs – which are also locations around the UK (and some in Europe) just incase that was too easy.

– 6 famous people – including Bruce Lee and Paul MCcartney

– 7 animals – well, 8 if you’re including humans…

– 3 – sleepless nights trying to complete the thing!

The internet appears to be losing it’s mind over this quiz and for good reason. Only a handful have found the 50 teams and those people probably lost their jobs in the process.

You can play the quiz yourself here: https://www.reflectdigital.co.uk/find-50/football-quiz-play

The quiz is attracting some interesting comments and chaos so far across social media!

More info: reflectdigital.co.uk

Find 50 Clubs in the image below!

This bothered him longer than it should’ve….

People are skipping lunch according to SportBible….

Some uncalled for Derby Banter….Ouch