We’ve all been at a gaming table. Dice are rolled, then everyone is scrambling to find them from under the table. Someone bumps their head on the way up landing them a visit to the ER. All because you didn’t you a dice tray…

Well maybe it’s not that bad, but I wouldn’t put money down that it’s never happened.

I play a lot of tabletop RPG’s. Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, a little Earthdawn, etc. We roll so many dice that if we didn’t have a dice tray, the scenario above is actually pretty likely. Our gaming table has metal bottle openers attached to the underside, so I can only imagine coming up and hitting one of those. So we all use trays, but everyone kept switching trays every other week. “This one’s too big” or “this one is falling apart”, and even “no one can see your rolls, are you cheating?”.

So I went on a quest to make the best dice tray I could. Being a woodworker, it seemed like a quick and easy task. Throw some wood together, a little glue, some love, how hard could it be?

Fast forward 2 years and I finally have the a tray worthy of many a tabletop game. It’s not to big, not to tiny, low walls, and can withstand the tempest of a slain party or an unruly cat. Best of all, it is perfectly portable, can store dice, a mini, a pencil and dry erase marker, a stainless steel plate for writing on and if you so desire, your character sheet. For the player, it’s got everything you need.

Of course a design like this was no easy task and after a lot of people starting asking about it, we decided that maybe our small woodworking business should share these with the world. Aside from my friends I play with, I unfortunately can’t make the entire world a dice box and tray for free, so that’s what we did.

We launched a Kickstarter for our Armory system July 16th, 2018. Myself, being an artist, wasn’t happy with just wood boxes. I wanted to add some art options to. Plus people kept asking if I would do some inlay, so I did. Now we have about 7 different wooden boxes with inlay and more on the way every week.

We decided on the name Nomad’s Armory. Mostly because it’s perfect for a travelling, nomadic gamer and can easily be tossed into a bag for transport. Armory because it’s made to last even the most epic of games.

One of the things that has really made this great is the community behind it. This wouldn’t have become possible without the help of numerous friends, family, and fans we’ve met in our travels across the country at different gaming conventions. All of these people have had a huge part in the overall design of this system. It’s really been a community effort to create a system that some are calling the perfect tabletop accessory.

The components seem complicated at first, but once it’s all put together it starts to makes sense.

The Nomad’s Armory is two main parts: The Nomad’s Tray and the Nomad’s Dice Box. From there you can add additional features if you like. For instance:

The Nomad’s Lid, which replaces the standard lid (if you choose) and can hold a dry erase marker and the Nomad’s Pencil (or any pencil). It also comes with a stainless steel plate that holds the writing instruments in place when closed up and can be written on and attached to the front of the tray (great for character names or spell tracking).

The trays are all made by hand, and because of the way the leather is split in half and needs to magnetize to the other side of the tray, it’s something that couldn’t be done otherwise. Since it’s a labor of love, it’s OK that it takes a long time to make a single tray.

That’s really all! A system designed for fans, by fans. Hand crafted from solid wood and made to last a lifetime. The next time you go to a gaming table, don’t show up with a tray that burdens everyone else.

More info: kickstarter.com

The Complete Nomad’s Armory Lineup

How the Armory System works

The Nomad’s Tray – In it’s tray form

Nomad’s Dice box – it fits inside the tray when both are closed.

Nomad’s Lid – Replaces the standard lid to fit a marker and pencil

Nomad’s Pencil – It fits inside the Nomad’s Lid

One of the many inlay options for the Nomad’s Armory – The Fei Dragon