Erik Bernacchi, eclectic Italian designer based in Sydney, has just dropped his new website, and let me tell you, it’s stunning.

If you are about to redesign your portfolio, I strongly urge you to watch this for your daily inspiration.

Seriously, this thing is so yellow it will melt your eyes!

Erik is one of those creatives that combines crazy aesthetic skills with insane technical wizardry.

This time, he single-handedly put together something that will change the way to approach personal websites, perhaps forever.

You are teleported into an old hacky computer (I recommend going full screen for best experience).

Inside, you are able to chat with a grumpy cat bot, play weirdly designed synths, make your own memes, vandalise his own sculpture, discover easter eggs and much, literally much more while enjoying his work. All without leaving the page.

Every detail, even the seemingly “useless” or “no-sense” plays its role here, the one of depicting Erik’s personality and skills. Which, at the end of the day, it’s what a personal website is all about.

Interesting facts for the geeky ones:

* The system uses a custom typeface called ErikOS.

* The 18 pixelated patterns are the original patterns available in MacPaint on the first Macintosh from 1984.

* Under the hood the website works very similarly to an actual Operative System with activity monitor and system commands.

* Erik’s resume is designed in TextEdit.

* A binary code message its hidden in the source code.

According to Erik “these are only the foundations of an ever growing playground”.

See it yourself at or contact Erik directly on

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