I recently published a 2015 calendar called A Beard for all Seasons. Each month is represented by a different holiday in a beard.

Remember The Twelve Beards Of Christmas? Well Christmas have come and gone too quickly, so I’ve decided to keep the Beard spirit all year long. We’re already half way through MANUARY!

Celebrate the year of the beard!

More info: stephaniejarstad.com | Etsy

Manuary: New Years Eve Beard

FeBEARDary: Valentine’s Day Beard

March: St. Patty’s Day Beard

April: Easter Bunny Beard

May: Flower Beard

June: Gone Fishin’ Beard

July: ‘Murrrrrica Beard

August: Beach Party Beard

SeptemBEARD: Autumn Beard

OctoBEARD: Halloween Beard

NovemBEARD: Thanksgiving Dinner Beard

DecemBEARD: Christmas Beard