Joining the gym as a New Year’s resolution has become a bit of a universal joke that, face it, was funny at first but one year simply stopped and it seems like nobody has heard it ever since.

This was around the same time that gyms started doing compulsory subscriptions that require people to pay in advance for membership. Makes sense, I guess. Either that, or people began taking gyms seriously.

Well, while some make jokes about finally signing up for the gym starting January 1st, someone actually did and hung around for a full year—long enough to become gym member of the year for being an inspiration to numerous other gym-goers.

Meet Lloyd, the 91YO man from Alabama who was recently named Gym Member Of the Month

Image credits: Anytime Fitness

Meet Lloyd Black, a 91-year-old man from Semmes, Alabama who has been going to his local Anytime Fitness Gym three times a week for a year now. Anytime Fitness Gym has recently named him Gym Member Of The Month for being a true inspiration to many fitness nuts around the globe.

Just think about it—Lloyd is almost 100 years old and he still finds the motivation and energy to stay healthy through exercise. A man who has been around for 14 presidents and who was born back when the Oscar Academy Awards were launched goes to the gym. At this point, he should be Gym Member of the Year. (Anytime Fitness, we’re waiting!)

Anytime Fitness posted this Member of the Month card on their Facebook & it went viral

Image credits: Anytime Fitness

A picture of him along with a short questionnaire was posted on Anytime Fitness’ Facebook page, introducing the inspirational 91-year-old. Apparently, Lloyd had decided to start exercising as it was becoming hard for him to perform simple tasks.

After a year of disciplined exercise—most of which was done on a treadmill, his favorite—Lloyd feels like he can do things he couldn’t before. Having grown up with a role-model dad who never gave up, he took on the same attitude and overcame every obstacle, including his age. He was determined to improve his health and to regain his strength.

They have also expressed how proud they are (not just them) of Lloyd for being a fitness inspiration

The most adorable part about it is that Lloyd exercises in his overalls. Anytime Fitness explained that seeing him, a 91-year-old, in his classic denim overalls three times a week is something that just can’t but put a smile on a person’s face.

When asked what would be his advice for others to start working out, Lloyd put it plain and simple: “Go ahead. Get started.” So, what are you waiting for? Want to start exercising? “Go ahead. Get started.” You have no reason not to at this point.

The internet admired his spirit, among whom were many of his former students and colleagues