So I took a short 72 hour tour into St. Petersburg, Russia by myself on an overnight ferry from Helsinki, Finland.

These are the photos from that trip.

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Some ‘artwork’ while waiting for the ferry to leave Helsinki

Fins bringing back loads of liquor with them from Estonia

The Russian Ruble Currency

Hello Russia!

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

The frescos inside Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

Major fresco factor inside the Spilled Blood Church

A canal straight out of any country in the EU.

A pleasant tree lined street

The Famous Hermitage Museum and old Winter Palace of Tsar Nicholas the 2nd

The Hermitage along the Neva River

Palace Square, where the Hermitage sits

The Hermitage entrance foyer

A room in the Winter Palace

Somewhere in The Hermitage

An old Tsar Throne

A work by DaVinci

Ancient Egypt stone with hieroglyphics

Preserved ‘Mummy’ from Ancient Egypt

Another room in the Hermitage

A Russian hydrofoil in full on cruise mode on the way to Peterhof Palace

Getting some fresh air on the hydrofoil, whooooeeee

Peterhof Palace grounds aka the ‘Versailles of the North’

Peterhof Palace from the near the docks

View from the Palace towards the sea

Peterhof Palace up close and personal

Peterhof Palace Fountain specimen 1

Peterhof Palace Fountain specimen 2

Peterhof Palace Fountain specimen 3

Peterhof Palace Fountain specimen 4, adapted for children

Peterhof Palace Fountain specimen 5, tree fountain

Peterhof Palace Fountain specimen 6

Peterhof Palace The ultimate fountain complex

Peterhof Palace The ultimate fountain complex again

Poseidon tearing apart some water monster

Another smaller Poseidon fountain

Rolls-Royce dealership on a random street

On the Ferry Back to Helsinki. The end of the 72 hour Russian adventure.