These pictures will show you why Belgrade should be your next travel destination.

Some wise guy said: “If New York and Paris got together and had a lovechild that combined the rugged coolness of the former and the euro-chic style of the latter, then had to give that baby up for adoption to a good family so that London didn’t get jealous, then Belgrade is that baby and Serbia’s signed the adoption papers.”

Who am I to disagree? So, shall we begin?

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This looks like Khaleesi could have easily lived here

I’m going to cheat a bit. But just this time. This is not an Instagram photo, but it deserves to be here

Kalemegdan fortress – 3 seasons.

And this architecture screams: Instagram me!

Roses are red, violets are blue – here’s a poem for you. BAM!

What Paris?

Belgrade, or Beograd as locals call it, literally translates to ‘White City’

3 bridges, 3 centuries

Did I mention sunsets?

They don’t grow bananas in Belgrade, but they surely know how to display them

And these narrow, gorgeous passage

St. Sava church is like an Eiffel Tower – it’s so big it can be seen from all around the city

And these yellow colors are stunning!

Sorry again, but sunset!

Storms are not playing hide and seek here

Winter is coming, eh?

A house from the Little Red Riding Hood? Cause why not

Mr. Grey will see you now

King’s Landing. No seriously, they should have filmed Game of Thrones here

Square Nine Hotel is among top 10 best hotels in Europe. Can you see why?

Belgrade has TEN bridges

The last one, before we go: Oh, and this is me, if anyone wondered