Art collecting was for the rich however in the past couple of years there are numerous sites got popular that are helping young and talented artists to get discovered.

One of them is Bored Panda and another is DeviantArt.

Here are 6 of my favorite artists whose breathtaking art you can buy for less than $40 and hang on your wall.

Get ready to be mesmerized!

More info:

I. Princess by wlop

Wlop’s paintings sometimes look like what Game of Thrones characters would buy.
Wlop is from China and he already has a pretty large Fan base. But there are never enough fans, am I right!? His use of colors and style will make you fall in love with his paintings!
You can buy canvas, photo or a really cool mug or a t-shirt! You can buy paintings from him for less than $30!
You can find him on DeviantArt:
or on Facebook:

II. Flute by GUWEIZ

This highly talented artist is from Singapore.
Every painting has it’s own stories. Guweiz is also a fantastic story teller so you can often find entertaining short stories attached to these works of art!
You can visit GUWEIZ on DeviantArt:
or on Facebook:

III. Wonder by yuumei

Yuumei’s paintings are reasons to believe in magic!
You can’t help but get a couple of her paintings and just fill up the ceiling with them.
You can visit her on her official site where you can buy her paintings for about $15.

IV. Wish by Yuforin

Yuforin is a starting artist who already found her dreamy, wondering voice.
Her paintings will take you to a magical land that can be reached only through her art.
You can visit her on DeviantArt:
or on Facebook:

V. Deadlocked by NanFe

NanFe brings her dark side alive in her artworks. I promise you, if you browse through her works you’ll be filled with new found emotions and you’ll develop a better appreciation for the dark arts.
You can find her on DeviantArt:
Or on Facebook:

VI. Yuko Shimizu

Yuko Shimizu is one of the hottest illustrators out there.
And you can actually buy 32 of her favorite images as removable art prints for less than $20.
The book which collects these prints is titled:
Living With: Yuko Shimizu
Her works are many times influenced by social and feminist issues so they will be motivational and badass!
You can visit her site:
or find her on Facebook:

Good luck finding your next art love affair!