While I visited Finland I challenged myself to try out as many activities as possible! I had so much fun to discover this beautiful winter wonderland! The beauty of Finnish winter attracts people to discover and see that magical land.

Usually from late November to late March Finland is covered with fluffy snow, air is freshly crisp and dark evenings are perfect for a cosy winter romance.

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Husky Ride

Enjoy the speed, watch how dogs co-operate and just relax while they do all the work for you. It is so interesting to see how their team work and how they communicate while they try to run futher. Those dogs are extremely smart also! If they ride on the lake and ice isn´t strong enough they don´t move, according to owner words they have saved him many times from ice swimming!

Snowshoe hiking

Thanks to those shoes it is possible to climb way higher and further, surprisingly it is really easy to move with them in the snow also! Finland is great place for this activity with deep snow, endless forests, many lakes and mysterious hills.

Sauna and ice swimming

Ice swimming may scare most of the people but it´s like kind of extreme sport. After first time there are big possibility that you just want to feel that more and more. Sauna with bubblebath and ice swimming makes you feel so alive! “Swimming” in the snow is also nice experience, after that the skin feels like new and mind is fresh. Luckily they have saunas almost everywhere, so it´s very easy to join and feel that hot, sweaty and mystical place! This is definitely my new favorite activity to do after long week!


It´s fun to wear red fisher-men costume, sit middle of huge lake and try to catch some fish. Meanwhile everything around you is just covered with endless snow and fog, totally surreal experience. Also try to remember that at this point catch is not so important, the main thing is the feeling and experience itself!

Horseback riding with Icelandic horses

Nice way to spend day in a forest! Icelandic horses are really easy to ride and with great personality, so everyone can do it! You can just lay back and enjoy the moment, they will follow the leader and take you to memoriable road.

Snowmobile safari

Snowmobile safari just gives such a energy boost and puts adrenaline high! This is definitely thing to try out, probably most of the people will love it, even if they don´t like other extreme activites! It is possible to drive on a lake what is covered with thick and endless ice, there are no speed limits and it is real taste of freedom!